About Us

Trends Dynamiques Consulting was founded on a need to establish fortified organizational and individual performance excellence. We offer holistic approaches in Organizational Development strategic Interventions(based on Theory of Change- Strategic Planning, HR, Value proposition & Business modelling, Performance, & Change Management), Training (soft skills, programming, Entrepreneurship), Research and Development (Advocacy and Livelihoods, Gender Analysis, Child rights analysis, Impact Assessments, M&E), Leadership Governance and Devolution At TD, we have developed programs with tested techniques that guarantee total transformation in every individual and organization. TD is comprised of 6 highly skilled and experienced consultants – 4 full time consultants and 2 associate consultants. Through our experienced management team, we endeavor to make a strategic contribution in the shaping of socio-economic and organizational development across East Africa. We strategically help organizations position themselves for competitive advantage in their area of operation.

To equip individuals and institutions for transformative excellence

To train, equip, and empower individuals and organizations for a dynamic changing world

We believe that an informed life is recipe for transformation. We believe that every individual and organization deserves a transformative encounter that synergizes excellence and success to meet their objectives and goals. Our philosophy is to train, equip and empower individuals and organizations for excellence in every aspect of their life.

Our Coaching at a Glance

At TD Consulting, we dedicate our top-notch skills in offering coaching services in the following areas:

Leadership & Governance
Monitoring & Evaluation
Organizational Development (Performance Management, HR/IT Audits)
Leadership & management training (Managers, supervisors, & Head of Departments)
Capacity building, research and advocacy
Life skills coaching (Soft skills training)
Corporate training & team building
Fundraising & effective resource mobilization
Our Corporate Mandate

To undertake research works: Provide advisories to corporate organizations, state and non-state actors on matters of communications, governance, security, environmental management and advocacy.

To comprehensively address current and future security, environmental, geopolitical and corporate communications concerns that are of strategic interest to various actors both regionally and internationally.

To promote knowledge management and evidence based policy, governance, peace, human rights and legislative lobbying and advocacy.

To build capacities of companies and organizations to enable them embrace best practices and achieve their strategic goals.

Our Consulting Philosophy

Our objective is to build transformation with individual and organizational goals, shape dreams, visions, missions, and inculcate a culture of excellence in every aspect of life.

Values are pillars that forms a foundation. We Value Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence. At TD we offer unique strategies that enable individuals and organizations to begin reengineering, restructuring and reinventing for maximum productivity. When this foundation is solid, the potential and opportunities are unlimited

Our approach is to be as flexible as possible in order to tailor each training program to our clients needs. We conduct brain storming session that will enable us set Agendas that flexible and sustainable both for our clients and TD. We also offer follow up support, to entrench consistency in change management, step by step coaching, and evaluation tools for program and service effectiveness.

Organizational and Individual Performance Excellence

We understand the grey areas between effective training and it being truly effective at the level of the organizational workforce.