Capacity Building

Our customized training and capacity building programs enhance your business performance and offers you a competitive edge.

TD consulting offers a myriad of capacity building modules that cut across different sectors. Some of this include;

Grants Management
Performance Management
Soft Skills
Organizational Development
Public Policy and Administration
Monitoring and Evaluation
County Governance Accountability Systems
Devolution and Public Participation
Knowledge Management

Under this Capacity Building programs, we focus on enhancing awareness, efficiency, and skill training to performance obstacles that inhibit people, governments and organizations.

Our Objectives for Capacity Building?

We always endevour to bring values to all our clients. our objectives are;

  1. To create an effective working group that appreciates the mission, vision, and values of the organization
  2. To develop Monitoring and evaluation systems that will enhance accountability and productivity
  3. To train and develop business ethics and etiquette where employees not only have a bias for action, but excellence and quality in service
  4. To assess and build capacity areas for employees and management in areas of deficiency for enhanced performance.

As the business world becomes more dynamic, organizations have to appreciate technology, and systems that will make them competitive. TD Consulting helps organizations achieve this competitive edge